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When we plan to build a good online reputation we focus only on having a good distinguished professional site, but it’s not only this, the alliances and good relations with the competition matters, for example, make a special collaboration in the corporative blog, giving information to the users about what they want to know regarding both companies,  that it’s something important. The following strategies are made for those who want to build a professional online reputation or an individual one.

online reputation

The key of all this is to understand how the social networks work and how to use the necessary tools to take advantage of the whole procedure to achieve our goals as entrepreneur  and the virtual world and avoid to lose money and time.

  1. Establish relationships with other competitors.

The alliances and relationship with other competitors are important, when we plan to build a good online reputation we only focus on having a good distinguished and professional site, but that it’s not all, it’s necessary to apply social media strategies that benefit us, and don’t forget to establish contact with other companies to generate knowledge of great value.

  1. Make yourself known.

Qualities like constant participacion in social groups and forums is extremely important to be known by others, especially when we are building a site from scratch. To establish a professional profile is your online presence.

  1. Meet your followers, study your business and learn to listen.

Make an analysis of your followers, analize their professional profile of interest and any other qualitative characteristic that allow you to know their needs and take advantage of this. Once you have have a ground of fans or followers, reward them, make competitions and promotions where their participation will be always a great deal and value them.

Be active in your area, read and be informed about what other people say regarding the industry, learn from others experiences, whether you are starting a business from scratch or not. It’s important to notice other people mistakes in order to avoid to make them.

  1. Participate and collaborate in forums and events.

The loyal customers and potential ones are spread through specialized forums looking for answers to their needs, the participation in forums and communities is relevant for a company, it returns good reputation from the community and gives an integrity image for the brand, it’s good to take advantage from the participation in these forums in order to obtain good quality links in an organized ways without creating spam.

  1. Write useful content for your users.

The content is the core of every corporate an d professional site, 70% of the users than visit the site for the first time, enter to the company blog looking for important information that covers their needs, one way to sell ourselves is through a good piece of content. Try to achieve a participation with the users, write and document your experiences so you can get a good online reputation.

  1. Don’t forget that the presence on social network is important.

It’s important to develop a good social network strategy that helps you to improve your online reputation, it’s not necessary to be in every social network that exists nowadays, only the ones that have value and importance for your specialty area. It’s important to listen to the audience.

  • Study the audience
  • Analyze the keywords that define your position: study the frequency with other sites, use    your keywords and how receptive is the audience, so you will know how strong or weak it will be to attract the traffic from social network to your web.

The use of social networks is a good way of build an online reputation and establish credibility and trust within your users and future clients.