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Unlimited domains
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Unlimited emails accounts

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SSD Disk space 10 GB
Unlimited domains
Unlimited monthly bandwidth
Unlimited emails accounts

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SSD Disk space 15 GB
Unlimited domains
Unlimited monthly bandwidth
Unlimited emails accounts

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SSD Disk space 20 GB
Unlimited domains
Unlimited monthly bandwidth
Unlimited emails accounts

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10 GB
15 GB
20 GB
1 GB
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$ 3.95/Monthly
$ 5.95/Monthly
$ 7.95/Monthly
$ 10.95/Monthly
3 Months
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$ 6.65/Monthly 2 free months
$ 9.15/Monthly 2 free months
Technical Details
Programación y Web
Cree webs en minutos sin necesidad de escribir una línea de código, RVSitebuilder le permite crear fácilmente webs de apariencia profesional.
Worldpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento, WHMCS, osCommerce, Zen Cart, SugarCRM, Moodle y más de 400 populares aplicaciones para instalar con solo un click, puede ver el catálogo completo de aplicaciones pre-instaladas en https://www.softaculous.com/softaculous/apps"
Usted escoje su versión PHP
No importa si su aplicación requiere de una versión específica de PHP, soportamos desde 5.3 hasta PHP7. Usted puede escoger que versión desea usar, la mayoría de los usuarios no tendrá que cambiar o modificar nada pues la versión por defecto está optimizada para funcionar con la mayoría de las aplicaciones populares.
Usted escoje los módulos PHP que requiere
Si su aplicación requiere de una configuración especial como acceso a bases de datos Microsoft SQL o cualquier otro módulo por defecto, podrá activarlo fácilmente desde su panel de control.
Soporte Perl
El soporte para el lenguaje Perl está incluido en todos los planes.
Soporte Python
Python es soportado en todos los planes de hosting.
Soporte Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails es soportado en todos nuestros planes
Bases de Datos MariaDB/MySQL
MariaDB es 100% compatible con MySQL pero mucho más rápido y seguro. Soporta, sin problemas y sin ningún cambio en su código, todas las aplicaciones que requieren MySQL. Obtenga el máximo rendimiento, con MariaDB podrá crear ilimitadas bases de datos.

Hosting plans with the best quality, security and speed

Our cPanel Hosting plans offers the best support, speed, security and uptime at the best price

Most of our clients perceive a speed improvement since the very beginning, this is due to several reasons:

  • poweful servers without overselling
  • Litespeed, the fastest web server available
  • 100% SSD Storage
  • MariaDB for maximum database speed
  • 4 DNS Geo Located Servers
Technology and Security
Firewall / IDS = Maximum security
We have advanced firewalls and intrusion detection system to ensure the best experience and security , all traffic is scanned before it reaches your web.
Litespeed Powered
Litespeed is the most powerful and fast web server on the market. All our servers are equipped with Litespeed which helps your websites run faster and with fewer resources.
100% Uptime Guaranteed
We guarantee 100 % availability and in case of non-compliance You may request a refund by SLA.
Anti-Hacking Protection
We have two different and independent intrusion and hackers detection systems, both verify incoming requests to their web and stop the access if it detects an attempt to compromise the security of your website .
Cloudflare CDN
Cloudflare combines two services in one , combines a CDN ( content network overall ) with a firewall application. With Cloudflare enabled your website will run faster and more safely with less resources. Hostuto is a Cloudflare hosting partner .
CloudLinux is a Linux distribution 100% compatible with CentOS / Red Hat , it is designed specifically for hosting providers and incorporates advanced control systems and safety resources . In Hostuto we use CloudLinux on every server.
Idera remote Backups
We are the only ones that offer up to 30 days of backups for all your files , emails and databases. Your backups are stored on external servers and can always be recovered from your cPanel or just tell us what do you want to restore and we will do it for you .
Highly qualified personal
We have a first class staff, most of them are graduates engineers with years of experience on the field, plus our support staff is in constant training .
Ultra fast 24 x 7 support
Really 24 x 7 support, your tickets will be always replied no matter the day or hour.
Unlimited Sub-Domains
You can create unlimited sub-Domains like: site1.example.com, site2.example.com, etc.
4 DNS Geo Servers
We have 4 and geo-redundant DNS servers . Our DNS servers are located in : Chicago / USA , Hong Kong / China, London / England , Los Angeles / USA , Frankfurt / Germany , New York / USA and Sydney and Australia, they are grouped into two that redirect visitors to the nearest one.
Unlimited email accounts
All our plans have unlimited email acounts, there is no restriction on the quantity of emails you can create.
Webmail is a convenient way to access your emails when you are not on your PC, as in cases of travel , etc. We offer two webmail clients where you can access your email.
SMTP, POP3 e IMAP Support
Your email is compatible with major email clients and mobile devices.
Email forwarding
You need to redirect email from one account or one or more account? no problem with mail forwarders you can do it easily as there are no limits on the number of mail forwarders that can create.
Customizable Anti-Spam Filter
We all hate spam for this reason we have customizable filters . You choose the level that fits your needs.
Anti-Virus protection
all the traffic including incoming email is scanned and blocked for malicious content.